We are easy to get in touch with. Lets have a chat. Better still, let’s have a coffee. No pressure, no strings. We promise not to harass or do the hard-sell.

David Jupe, Western CEO
David is a straight-talker but more importantly, has a real knack for listening deeply and making complicated things simple.
Mobile: 027 535 6739
Email: David.Jupe@western.co.nz

Michael Hall, Sales Manager, Auckland
Michael met us as a client and loved Western so much he jumped the fence.  He’s a good person to talk to about what we’re like from a client’s perspective.
Mobile:  021 396 126
Email: Michael.Hall@western.co.nz

Stephanie Walker, Sales Manager Wellington/Central Region
Steph has a reputation as one of the best brains in the business. Her knowledge of the latest creative, technical and data practices is mind-blowing. She’s well worth having a coffee with.
Mobile: 021 591 794
Email: Stephanie.Walker@western.co.nz

Let's find out if we’re right for each other

As a first step, you can get in touch with any one of us by phone or email. Tell us about your business and what you’re looking for and from there we’ll connect you with the right person, with the right skills and industry experience. Or we’ll happily arrange to meet up for a coffee.